So many questions.

Did the owner loose their key?

Did they take away the wheels, then reclaim all the other bits?

Or did someone else…?

Leica M240. 35mm Summicron.



People going up. People doing down.

People going left, and people going right.

The escalators in Buchannan Galleries, Glasgow.

Leica M240. 35mm Summicron lens.

Glasgow – up, down and above


Sometimes I park on the outskirts of Glasgow and catch the underground into the city centre. Its easy and its a new journey.

Ascending the escalator into the heart of Glasgow I see the sky. Its blue, and its a surprise, because it was raining when I got on the subway earlier. Two seasons in one day. Then, walking past one of Glasgow’s murals, it makes me feel so small in this big city.

Leica M240. 35mm Summicron lens.