More Paper Negatives

Film, Paper and Chemicals, MPP 5x4 Camera


I thought I would give this another try. Making paper negatives.

This day I was travelling to Oban for a commercial shoot, so just incase I had the opportunity I cut up some paper, loaded the sheets into some film slides and packed the MPP 5×4 camera in the boot of the car.

On the way back I stopped near Loch Lomond to take a few sheets.

Above. Loch Lomond.

Below. Falls of Falloch.

MPP 5×4. Ilford Multigrade. 10 ISO.

Cardross – an old lens and an old camera

Film, Paper and Chemicals, MPP 5x4 Camera

I take pictures most days of my life, but mostly pictures for clients. I like what I do, but I do miss using film so I decided to get my hands wet again and rediscover what I’ve forgotten.

It wasn’t going to be an easy task as its been over 20 years since I used film and chemicals. Deciding to make a start I walked down to Craigendoran, which is just on the outskirts of town to take a few pictures with my MPP – a 1950’s technical Camera that takes pictures onto 5×4 inch negatives or plates. When I first started being a photographer, the MPP was one of the first cameras I used, and it was only natural that when I wanted to start taking pictures onto film again – it should be an MPP. I was using an old lens which I had bought very cheaply and decided to give it a try.

MPP 5×4, HP5, Developed in D76.