A 173 year old picture

Words about Photography

I’m a photographer and I like looking at old pictures. Whether you realise it or not, a picture is snapshot of a moment in time. That’s why I like looking at old pictures because they can take me back to that precise moment in history when the picture was taken.

This picture was taken in Trafalgar Square in 1844 when the square was being built and Nelson’s column was nearing completion. The battle of Trafalgar had taken place in 1805, just 39 years before, and you can see that the builders are finishing off Nelson’s Column. 173 years ago, the year that Charles Dickens published Martin Chuzelwit and Queen Victoria was new on the throne, yet this new technology – something we take so much for granted now – was recording life.

A true snapshot of time.

A picture from 1844

Nelson’s Column under Construction, Trafalgar Square, London, first week of April 1844. Photo: Hans P. Kraus, Jr. Fine Photographs.

Hello world!

Words about Photography



I am a photographer and I take pictures for a living, usually on a daily basis. But for a few years I lost my way with photography. I was taking pictures for clients day in and day out – but never for myself. Sometimes a job becomes just a job, however creative you may feel. So after some thinking I decided to start making some time for my own pictures. And here they are. Its going to be an ongoing project/fascination/involvement – or whatever it turns out to be…

I have two other websites: one for my commercial photography and the other for wedding photography, so this website is going to be a vehicle for my own pictures and my own passion. Not for success or even acclaim, as I expect very few people to visit or even find this website, but if anything, this website is going to be for my own self satisfaction and a way of encouragement to get out there and take pics for myself.

For all things in life you need rules, and a website is no exception, so I have decided that…

  • Photoshopping: There will be no photoshopping except to adjust the contrast, tonal range or cropping of the images, as well as removing dust spots.
  • Work-related images: There will be no pictures that were generated through my work for commercial or social clients. Its all got to be about pictures taken in my spare time.
  • Er, that’s it.