I am a photographer and I take pictures for a living, usually on a daily basis. But for a few years I lost my way with photography. I was taking pictures for clients day in and day out – but never for myself. Sometimes a job becomes just a job, however creative you may feel. So after some thinking I decided to start making some time for my own pictures. And here they are. Its going to be an ongoing project/fascination/involvement – or whatever it turns out to be…

I have two other websites: one for my commercial photography and the other for wedding photography, so this website is going to be a vehicle for my own pictures and my own passion. Not for success or even acclaim, as I expect very few people to visit or even find this website, but if anything, this website is going to be for my own self satisfaction and a way of encouragement to get out there and take pics for myself.

For all things in life you need rules, and a website is no exception, so I have decided that…

  • Photoshopping: There will be no photoshopping except to adjust the contrast, tonal range or cropping of the images, as well as removing dust spots.
  • Work-related images: There will be no pictures that were generated through my work for commercial or social clients. Its all got to be about pictures taken in my spare time.
  • Er, that’s it.

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