Besides the sea…

Film, Paper and Chemicals, Voigtlander

Walking along the sea-front in Helensburgh on a nice day and the town is a busy place, especially in summer. A place to sit and look at the sea. To eat ice creams, fish and chips, and maybe sandwiches. And maybe just to enjoy the view.

Voigtlander R2. 35mm Lens. HP5. D76

All the fun of the fair…

Film, Paper and Chemicals

Fairgrounds. Places of laughter and screams.

When I was young, I would sneak off with my friends to go to the fair when it was in town. We weren’t supposed to go and we had no money – but we still went. Fairgrounds are like a magnet to children.

I always used to think that the guy on the Walzers was cool. I still do.

Nikon F2. 35mm Lens. FP4. D76